Mikula Radman was born in Brussels (Belgium) on December 16, 1974.

He grew up between Belgium, France, Croatia and Germany in a multilingual environment. At the age of 18, Radman left his native Europe to travel across the United States, where he passed his SAT and TOEFL tests. Despite having been accepted into the Colorado State University to study design engineering, he returned to Europe.

Radman settled in Paris where he studied design at the prestigious Creapole-ESDI (Ecole Supérieure de Design Industriel). During his studies, aside from graphic, product, web and fashion accessory design, he discovered his fascination with and acquired skill and know-how in luxury product design. Mikula Radman graduated in 1998 and went on to work for Chanel, Christofle, Moët Hennessy, among others.

After 7 years of professional experience gained on the Paris design market, Radman moved to Florence (Italy) where he worked for leather goods companies.

Since 2004, Radman has been living in Zagreb (Croatia) where he is applying and expanding his fields of experience in graphic and product design for French, Austrian, Slovenian and Croatian companies.

You can contact Mikula Radman in order to talk about your needs and ideas, and to see how he can make your visions come to life.

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